What is the usage of NTR™ Warning Mat and Tape?


NTR™ brand Warning Mat / Tape is manufactured from high impact virgin/medium impact recycled Polyethylene-LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, and SPVC materials containing Antitermite & Antirodent additives.

What is Underground Warning Mesh and Why it is Useful for Underground Material Safety


Underground warning mesh is an effective warning device that indicates the presence of underground pipes and cables to prevent damage during excavations. It is brightly colored, and the center section of the mesh can be printed with..

How Sparco Multiplast Private Limited Helps Big Brands to Protect Their Underground Lines?


Underground utilities are a crucial part of modern society and must be maintained appropriately for companies and houses to run smoothly. With the rise in population, the demand for higher-capacity utility connections has become a necessity.

Why Is It Important To Lay Safety Material Upon Underlying Lines And Cables?


The Warmate Warning board/ Cable protection cover, tape tiles, and underground warning tapes. Manufactured from high-impact virgin polyethene and medium impact recycled polyethene. Installed over low, medium, and high voltage power cables.