The Work at Height Regulations 2005 applies to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury.

The scaffold must be inspected prior to being used for the first time, following exposure to weather conditions likely to have affected its strength or stability, after substantial addition, dismantling or other alteration and at intervals not exceeding 7 days from the date of last inspection.

The WARSIGN™ system with its unique holder and insert system ensures all are aware of the current status of the structure. A WARSIGN™ should be fitted at all legal access points (normally ladder access) from the first build stage and is to remain on the structure until dismantle thereby communicating a safety message to all.

How It Works

Stage 1:

A holder displaying prohibition is attached permanently to the scaffolding structure at all legal access points.

Stage 2:

Structure inspected to ascertain if it passes inspection. If it passes inspection, insert is completed and placed into holder. If the scaffold fails inspection, holder is left in prohibition to display “Do not use Scaffold” symbol.

Stage 3:

Scaffold structure then re-inspected and if it passes inspection, status insert is updated and placed into holder.

If a scaffold fails inspection this must be reported by the person carrying out the inspection, to the person responsible for the scaffolding as soon as possible.

A copy of inspection records should be kept on site and a further copy is to be retained for a period of three months from completion of the work by the person on whose behalf the inspection was carried out.

By adopting the WARSIGN™ system, you are demonstrating your duty of care to your workers and that you have done everything reasonably practical to ensure safe access and egress and from the place of work as well as giving them as much information required to work safely.

Unrevilled Solution

WARSIGN™ offers you a unique set of advantages...

  • Specifically designed system for scaffolding
  • Inserts include data relating not only to maximum loads appropriate to the scaffold as based on BS: 5007, but also noting when the last inspection was carried out and by whom, and when the next inspection is due
  • Cost effective method of recording checks and inspecting the structures
  • Weatherproof, UV protected and durable to withstand the toughest industrial environments
Clearly Better for Business

WARSIGN™ unique holder and insert systems make the latest status and unique identity of equipment clearly and instantly visible at the point of use which...

  • Reduces the risk of assumption and therefore accidents and equipment damage
  • Eliminates time wasted checking latest status back at the office or with a supervisor
  • Ensures everyone shares the same information

This can improve your safety, maintenance and identification processes and performance which directly impacts on productivity and costs.