Aluminum Strip Detectable Tape Uses and Features

Aluminum strip detectable tape is a one-stop solution to all the problems concerning sensitive areas, especially where protection is necessary. Alongside preventing hazards, it prevents corrosion too. However, before knowing more about the Aluminum Strip Detectable Tape, we must learn what and why it is used underneath the surfaces.

The layer of the tape has a foil surface coated with synthetic rubber and silicone liner. It helps in protecting surfaces that might be prone to hazards. This is the prime definition of an aluminum strip tape.

The aluminum strip detectable tape is carefully adjusted between two layers. The first is a polythene base layer, and the second is protective printed polythene covering. The tape's width is between 10-50 mm, and the thickness is 12 microns. The tape is carefully installed within the earth's surface for establishing a proper contact, i.e., maximizing the potential for inductive location. The characteristic feature of the aluminum strip detectable is protecting non-metallic underground pipes and cables.

Here is why it is a preferable choice for the underneath surface. One may think that aluminum strip tape has the same properties as duct tape. There is a pinch of difference between the two if observed carefully. However, insulation is a common denominator between both the tapes, i.e., aluminum tape and duct tape. The aluminum tape is effective because of its resistance properties. The foil properties of the tape make it heat adhesive, while the duct tape can deteriorate over time when exposed to high temperatures.

The product carries high tensile strength alongside 99.5% pure foil. At Warmate, the customers can get specially crafted texts on the aluminum strip detectable tape.

We ensure the authenticity of all the products via Warmate. Also, the aluminum strip detectable tip is a warning sign for underground safety. It works as a protective layer above the other wires and cables in case of extreme heat conditions and underground work plans.

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