Why Is It Important To Lay Safety Material Upon Underlying Lines And Cables?

One of the most common mishaps that occur while digging is hitting utility lines. While Digging, the equipment can slice or tear into the cables' insulation jacket, causing accidents. Workers may get electrocuted, sustain burns, or even die. In addition, accidentally cutting into a utility line can cause explosions, injury, power-outs, leaks, and tremendous repair costs. Some of the Errors, namely incorrect depth estimation, dated circuits, faults, and overlapping wires, are the leading reasons.

Safety materials like caution tapes are used for laying in trenches 200m below the ground. The Underground Warning Tapes are used in tandem with precautionary signs that display the nature of the hazard and prevention action required. Some of the concealed areas are electrical lines, gas lines, water lines, sewers, optical lines, etc. Warmate Underlying safety tapes and Underlying Warning mesh protect underground lines and cables from damage during excavation. Bright colour tapes highlight warnings about buried lines below them.

Anti Corrosive and High Tensile Strength Underground Warning Tapes

Warmate Aluminum detectable tapes protect, identify and locate buried lines. Built to last decades with high tensile strength and anti-corrosive nature. Bright coloured tape comes with a middle strip that can be printed with a warning message. Check out Warmate Underground warning tape and Warmat Warning mesh.

Warmate High Strength Safety Tapes

The Anti Corrosive SS bright-coloured tapes with twin wires. It can be used with cable detecting tools, laminated with copper and stainless steel. Making them conductive and high strength with metal-wire reinforcement. Check out Anticorrosive SS tape.

The NTR Warning mat/tape and Rodresist contains non-toxic rodent repellent additives. Saves tape from being compromised by rodent infestations. The tape comes with adhesive on one side to stick to the cable. Check out NTR Warning mat/ tape.

Board Cable Protection Cover

The Warmate Warning board Cable protection cover, tape tiles, and Underground Warning Tapes. Manufactured from high-impact virgin polyethene and medium impact recycled polyethene. Installed over low, medium, and high voltage power cables. Trench and ducted cable installations provide highly visible colours indicating danger while digging. Even in case of getting caught in equipment during construction, tapes are tear-resistant. Check out the Warmate Warning board/ cable protection cover.

Warmate Tapetiles Rolls

The Warmate Tapetile are protection, and warning rolls rolled out into the trenches. Providing convenient but effective protection to HV and LV cables up to 11kV. Telecoms, streetlights, fibre optic cables, gas lines, and water pipes. Underground cable warning tapes are used for LV 600-100kV. Tapetiles for MV upto 11kV, and Cable covers for HV upto13kV. Check out Warmat Tapetiles rolls.

Warmante Tapetile Rolls

The Warmate Washield is a heavy-duty inert protection mesh. Manufactured from HDPE and a blowing agent to provide max impact defence. Saving the pipeline coating from rockfill. It is necessary for the rocky terrain; it provides high compression strength and resistance to destruction. Check out Warmate Warshield.

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