What is Underground Warning Mesh and Why it is Useful for Underground Material Safety?

Underground Warning Mesh is an effective warning device that indicates the presence of underground pipes and cables to prevent damage during excavations. It is brightly colored, and the center section of the mesh can be printed with a warning message printed for easy identification on excavation sites. The underground warning mesh is installed mid-way between the buried utility and the surface. This way, excavation workers get alerted of underground lines or pipelines. The proper placement of underground warning devices prevents serious incidents and unnecessary costs.

It also gives an additional benefit such that the SS wires that pass from the length of the mesh can be detected in advance using CAT or Genny. Underground mesh are available in two designs, i.e., detectable warning mesh and non-detectable warning mesh. The mesh can be utilized with Underground Warning Tape Tiles, Cable Protection Covers, and Warning Tapes.

Our underground mesh is manufactured from virgin polyethylene and polypropylene. The dimensions of our underground mesh have a tensile strength of Rr > 300 N, it complies with standard ND EN 12613; it is resistant to blackening by ammonium sulfide and to microorganisms and complies with standard EN ISO 846.

Sparco Multiplast Pvt Ltd is an ISO - 9001:2000 certified company with over 16 years of experience manufacturing and supplying a high-quality range of standard and custom underground utility protection products under the brand name WARMAT® for major projects worldwide.

We export our products to 13 countries worldwide and have been a well-trusted partner of big companies like Adani Power Gujarat for many years.We are your trustworthy partner for your safety material requirements and we place innovation at the heart of all we do.

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