NTR™ brand Warning Mat / Tape is manufactured from high impact virgin/medium impact recycled Polyethylene-LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, and SPVC materials containing Antitermite & Antirodent additives.

Animal behavior studies have explained that animals are drawn to plastic products due to plasticizers & their aromatic odors, bright colors & textures .Termites and rodents are present everywhere & can cause lots of harm to plastic materials. Therefore NTR Warning Mat / Tape are developed with specialty Antitermite & Antirodent additives which protects it from termites & rodents by repelling them from the NTR Warning Mat / Tape. These are ideal for over laying Optical fiber and heavy electric cables. NTR Warning Mat / Tape are available in various width & thicknesses in form of roll printed with any text & any language with various colors.

Special Features
  • NTR™ Warning Mat / Tape is nontoxic and contains no environmentally harmful pesticides or carcinogen or rodenticides. It contains RoHS compliant additives. (as per EU Directive 2002/95/EC)
  • It is electrically neutral
  • It is soil stable &does; not degrade. Soil condition does not affect it
  • It works on concept of repellence rather then harms i.e. poisoning
  • Has no negative environmental impact