How Sparco Multiplast Private Limited Helps Big Brands to Protect Their Underground Lines?

Underground utilities are a crucial part of modern society and must be maintained appropriately for companies and houses to run smoothly. With the rise in population, the demand for higher-capacity utility connections has become a necessity. And Installing new utility lines along with existing utility is a major challenge, especially in crowded cities.

Multiple public service pipelines are installed beneath the ground surface, such as Adani electric cables, telecommunication like Airtel and Vodafone, water and sewer system companies, and gas and oil pipelines.

Why underground warning signs are needed? When companies carry out excavation to install their service lines underground it is important to becareful not to damage existing lines . It is crucial to protect these pipelines because when underground cables are damaged, they can cause fatal or severe injuries to people in the area as well as cause damage to public property.

How is our product used? Underground Warning Tape is buried directly above underground utility lines and warns workers to stop digging before accidentally digging into the underground pipes. When used correctly, underground warning tape can mitigate the risk of inaccurate or dangerous digging around electrical, gas, water, communication, or oil lines. Preventing dig-ins help avoid costly service interruptions and unwanted repair costs.

What do we manufacture and who uses our products? Sparco Multiplast Pvt. Ltd. (SMPL) is a leading converter of plastics into specialty Tapes, Mesh, films, sheets, cable protection covers, warning devices, and protection devices for underground utility systems under the brand names "WARMAT®, with over 17 years of experience. We've been supplying our products to many sectors, including construction, electrical, telecommunications, and gas pipelines. Sparco Multiplast Pvt. Ltd has been a supplier for prominent companies.

We export our products to over 13 countries worldwide, including:-

Why choose us? Sparco Multiplast Pvt. Ltd is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of underground safety products. Our products have been well-trusted by many companies such as Adani Power for years. We aim to manufacture warning & protection devices with the highest Standards /Quality at the most competitive price, offering customized solutions to meet the needs of our global clientele. We also take the initiative to maintain a competitive edge in product development, technology, and innovation.

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