Everything You Need to Know About Zigma Tape in Detail

Industries promoting underground plastic materials ensure safety through zigma tape. Before moving forward, it is essential to understand that underground wires require proper material support to prevent an unforeseen accident.

Layer over layer is a standard procedure followed whenever a wire is bedded underneath any area. Similarly, the rules follow for zigma tape. The characteristic features of the zigma tape are first aid for roadway safety and the usage of reusable material. This would ensure causing less number of accidents on roads.

The lead-free polyethylene and resistant material ensure the long life of the product. The material is reflective, cold, and has ultraviolet radiation resistance. The most important substance is that it is non-sticky and non-adhesive.

The standard specifications of the zigma roll are 250/500/1000 mt. The width of the same follows as 50/70/100 mm. The thickness range is 0.03-0.10 mm (30 to 100 microns). The available color combinations are red and white, yellow and black, and green and white.

Besides protecting underneath surfaces, the zigma reflective tape supports fabrics too. The compact material has segments of a plastic liner. The design specializes in improving moisture transmission and avoiding any future hazards.

The common denominator of using any such tape is mentioning a warning sign. The layer-over-layer procedure we mentioned earlier is a necessary ailment. For example, whenever new underground activities take place in sensitive areas, a precautionary tape is layered above the zone to inform others not to proceed further. In a layman's language, a plastic layered with another detectable plastic sheet is a warning sign of not doing any activity in the sensitive zone.

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